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Every creation you see before you, is a one off artistic expression made as an extension of my spiritual practice.

Every jewel is embedded with light.

The mercy in imperfection... the acceptance in life...

With this work, I move into being loved, and by that, I am loved.

I offer you this gift, and by that, you are loved!

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A little about me

My name is Zohar Edelshtein Budde.

I was born and raised in Israel.
Along the years my spiritual journey has led me to transform as a human being.

Through my creative undertakings I express the gifts I have gathered along the way and offer it to you as moments of insight into my soul.

I live with my family in The Blue Mountains area, we learn and grow every day.

I create hand-sculpted artisan jewellery, write, work in my art studio and offer spiritual development sessions using all the skills I have acquired over the years.

A little bit about my work

I work with various types of wire, such as, 24K gold filled wire, silver filled wire, sterling silver, copper, 14k rose gold filled wire, and brass coated wires. The use of wire is a means of rewiring my own neurological pathways which progressively bring about a change in my consciousness.

With that, I move into love consciousness.

Every creation, although intuitive in nature, is highly consequential with the new state it presents. Hence, I'm able to bring forth that extra something special that can not be explained, however, is very much there in each jewel.

The choice of metal elements and pearls entails an evolving relationship which will allow the simple imperfections to be seen with beauty and care.

I hold social awareness dearly in my heart, and %10 of any proceeds from my work goes towards charitable organisations.

Please, contact me if you are interested in purchasing my work, commissioning any pieces, or for any on-site art installation work.

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